Driven Inc. Partner: Bitwise

Webinar | How to Automate Offloading ETL Processes to Hadoop

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Offloading ETL processes to Hadoop is often one of the first Big Data efforts because of the obvious ROI benefits. However, you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of legacy ETL processes to migrate which makes achieving the benefits of Hadoop and ROI a distant goal.

What if you could automatically convert up to 70% of your existing ETL processes to run on Hadoop with no code changes?

In this 60-min webinar replay, you will hear from our partners, Bitwise, how leading Fortune 500 companies are accelerating their ETL offloading to Hadoop projects to achieve ROI in months, not years. You will see:

  • A detailed walk-through of migrating existing ETL processes to Hadoop without changing anything
  • How you can cut development time of new ETL process on Hadoop by up to 50%
  • How you can leverage your existing developers’ Java skills to turn them into Hadoop developers
  • Best practices for monitoring the performance of your ETL processes to ensure you meet your service level agreements

You should watch this webinar replay if you are responsible for your organization’s data warehouse, middleware, big data infrastructure or information management systems.


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