Apache Hive Performance Monitoring Solutions From DRIVEN

Centralize Apache Hive Performance Monitoring to Reliably Meet Service Levels

Apache Hive applications bring their own unique set of operational challenges especially when the Hadoop resources are shared across multiple data processing teams. When adding new scheduled jobs, operations teams must balance the business priorities with available resources and available processing windows. This delicate balance can quickly be disrupted by a poorly formed ad-hoc query unexpectedly consumes all the resources leaving business critical jobs starved. DRIVEN provides performance monitoring for Apache Hive and Hive Server applications so you can understand who is running what and how often, the business priority of each application and determine achievable service levels. DRIVEN allows data professionals to visualize the entire Hive data application, end-to-end, and provides a robust set of metrics to surface performance issues that may lead to a poorly performing or brittle query.


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Real-Time Operational Visibility:

  • Monitor the performance of your Apache Hive query as it executes each unit of work to discover potential issues that may produce incorrect results or slow performance
  • See which running processes are consuming the most resources, who owns them and what team developed them
  • Use our rich performance metrics to gain insights into potential performance optimizations
  • Create and share custom views so everyone is working from the same operational data when troubleshooting problems
  • Powerful search means you can search on almost anything, such as HQL statements, by Job tracker IDs, by table names, etc.
  • Easily correlate application performance anomalies with other simultaneous events in the cluster to identify resource constraints and application bottlenecks

Visualize Your Hive Applications for Faster Debugging

  • Rapidly pinpoint the root cause of performance degradation without wading through dozens of log files
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  • Configure notifications of job failures to be received via email or integrate alerting into existing support systems like HipChat or Jira
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  • Visualize where errors occurred to quickly debug a problematic application processes or quickly find which queries could be better optimized
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  • With 1-click of a button, surface the stacktrace to pinpoint the root cause of a failure

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See How Driven Can Monitor the Performance of Your Hive Applications

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Surface Detailed Operational Analytics for Your Hive Applications:

  • Gain insights and analyze historical performance of your business critical Hive queries including average duration, mean time to failure, effective parallelism, and much more
  • Application metadata adds important business context for teams like business owner, priority and dependancies so they can understand business impacts of a failure and quickly make informed decisions about notifications and recovery
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements for your scheduled Hive data processes to ensure a high quality of service
  • A built-in, scalable metadata repository enables you to analyze current application performance compared to historic performance for performance trend analysis and to determine if you have one-off or reoccurring issue
Operational Analytics for Hive Applications

Manage The Business Of Big Data Operations

  • Integrate DRIVEN alerts and notification into your support/ticketing systems so you can leverage your existing support processes
  • Organize and segment your Hive queries based on any user defined metadata, such as a team, division, organization, or application name
  • Easily manage and enforce policies for adherence to design and operational best practices
  • Create Resource Management and Usage Reports to track adoption, chargeback departments and for capacity planning
  • Driven supports Apache Hive on multiple compute fabrics including:

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