Driven Enterprise APM for Big Data Apps

Driven Enterprise provides application performance monitoring for Hadoop and Spark apps on premise or within your private cloud

Enterprise Big Data teams can monitor and manage their data processing applications within a single solution.

  • Monitor all your different Big Data applications no matter where they are running, on a cloud service or on-premise
  • Speed up troubleshooting and debugging of applications in development and move them to production faster
  • Segment your production applications by business categories to easily manage multi-tenant environments
  • Ensure service levels are met by understanding who is consuming resources and application performance trends

Driven Enterprise is installed within your environment. If you prefer a SaaS-based solution, explore Driven Cloud.

Securely Manage and Monitor Your Entire Environment


Secure Big Data Monitoring

Keep Data in Your Environment

Driven Enterprise installs within your environment. Simply point Driven Agents to where ever your instance located (on premise or in the cloud) and see the performance of all your applications without sending any data outside your four walls.

Multi-tenant environment icon

Easily Manage Multi-Tenancy

Multiple teams on one shared platform creates security and performance issues. Our ability to categorize applications and securely segment data by teams quickly brings order to the chaos of managing a multi-tenant platform.



Real-Time Operational Visibility

Get complete visibility into the their run-time performance of you data processing application so you know exactly what is happening across your entire environment at all times.

  • Immediately see the real-time status of your applications, including succeeded, failed, running, and terminated applications, and resource consumption across all clusters
  • Rich performance metrics are collected for each data process, such as start time, duration, pending time, data written/read and custom-defined metrics
  • Easily analyze an individual processes performance metrics for variations and anomalies over time
Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring
DRIVEN monitors application SLA's

Monitor Service Levels and Enforce Policies

Monitor key performance metrics for SLA’s adherence and enforce design and operational policies so every application runs optimally.

  • Report on service level adherence for an application or set of applications
  • Teams can monitor quality of service trends and surface key data points to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Visualize an applications logic and resulting performance to enforce design policies for more resilient, better performing applications

Integrate Your Big Data Application Management Into Existing Systems and Processes

Integrate DRIVEN notification and alerts into existing processes and systems so you can manage your big data applications the same way as all your other applications.

  • Out of the box integrations with JIRA, PagerDuty, HipChat, Nagios and others
  • Supports integration to any webhooks or JMX enabled system for alerting, ticketing, notifications and reporting purposes
  • Use the built-in email or SMS notifications capabilities to alert teams or individuals of issues
  • Use the metadata repository API to access and integrate DRIVEN data to your analytics or report system of choice
Enterprise Application Performance Monitoring