With a successful production implementation of Hadoop or Spark comes a new set of operational challenges. We’ve talked to dozens of organizations scaling their Hadoop or Spark implementations and routinely hear they lack application performance monitoring and it is limiting their ability to scale.

Like all things Big Data, there are many choices for monitoring solutions. However, as you scale, monitoring the performance of the applications running on your cluster(s) becomes equally important. Cluster monitoring tools will only tell you something failed but not why. In contrast, application performance monitoring solutions will tell you something failed, where it failed, why it failed and alert the responsible cross-functional team.

To help you understand the difference between Pepperdata, Cloudera Manager, Apache Ambari and Driven, we’ve created this comparison guide of Hadoop performance monitoring tools so you can quickly assess the best solution to meet your needs.

We see the following as the key capabilities organizations need to successfully scale Hadoop and ensure business service levels are reliably met:


Hadoop performance monitoring tools comparison guide


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