DRIVEN lets you manage the business of big data with your Hadoop applications, including Apache HIVE, MapReduce, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Cascading, Scalding, and Cascalog applications.

Easily Integrate Your Big Data Applications into Existing Operational and Compliance Processes

Your Big Data applications are most likely driving the most innovative parts of your business. As they move from into production, it is imperative these applications seamlessly integrate into existing processes for compliance, support, and reporting. This includes considerations for capacity planning, audit reporting, and data governance.

DRIVEN is extensible so operations teams can monitor and manage their Big Data application infrastructure through the use of existing processes and support systems. Additionally, DRIVEN provides compliance teams the ability to easily audit their Big Data applications without looking at a single line of code, and produces the required artifacts, from any time period, to satisfy the reporting requirements in most regulated industries.

Track Data Lineage and Compliance to Mitigate Enterprise Risk

Complying with data usage policies can be a significant challenge in Hadoop. DRIVEN easily identifies applications accessing sensitive data and monitors on-going usage so you can enforce policies. With DRIVEN, you can comply with audit requests without spending hours piecing together information from different source files.

  • Create custom views to monitor all applications accessing sensitive data fields, data sets or table structures
  • Compliance reporting and audit tracking is now as simply as opening a saved view, searching a specific time period and downloading the results
  • Drill down and see the details on what data sources were accessed, what fields were consumed, what transformations occurred and the location of the final output

Hadoop Capacity Planning and Chargeback Analysis

No one likes surprises when managing Hadoop capacity. Plan for too much and the business questions the value of the investment. Plan for too little and you suffer slowdowns or failures. DRIVEN provides the right insights to right size your cluster.

  • Create capacity usage reports for any time period to measure utilization trends for your hardware, CPU consumption, storage by team, application type, etc.
  • Show adoption rates and trends across your organization to show value and help secure continued investment
  • Segment usage reports by any relevant criteria, such as application, team, line of business or an individual to monitor exactly how many resources they are consuming
  • Chargeback business units for the actual usage or easily export data to other reporting systems, or Excel, to integrate with existing chargeback or billing processes
Hadoop Capacity Planning - managing big data apps


Integrate your Big Data apps into existing processes

Integrate Your Big Data Application Management Into Existing Systems and Processes

No one wants to stand up special processes to manage their Big Data environment. DRIVEN easily integrates into existing processes and systems so you can manage your big data applications the same way as all your other applications.

  • Out of the box integrations with JIRA, PagerDuty, HipChat, Nagios and others
  • Supports integration to any webhooks or JMX enabled system for alerting, ticketing, notifications and reporting purposes
  • Use the built-in email or SMS notifications capabilities to alert teams or individuals of issues
  • Use the metadata repository API to access and integrate data into other analytics or report systems for a universal view of your application and infrastructure performance