DRIVEN is application intelligence and performance management for Hadoop applications, including Apache HIVE, MapReduce, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Cascading, Scalding, and Cascalog applications.

Instantly Understand Big Data Application Dependencies and the Impact on the Business

To achieve operational excellence with Big Data applications, DevOps teams need a better understanding of the business context of the applications they are managing. This means marrying application performance statistics with application metadata so teams can segment, search and group applications in a way that is aligned to the business.

DRIVEN gives DevOps teams the application intelligence and flexibility they need to customize how they monitor and manage applications to meet the varying needs of each business team.

DRIVEN Surfaces Application Dependancies

Visualize Application Dependencies

Jobs rarely fail in isolation. There are downstream impacts that could mean a business critical report or process does not complete on time. DRIVEN visualizes the end-to-end data process, pinpoints at what step a failure occurred and identifies exactly what is impacted as a result.

  • Understand all downstream data processing application dependencies so you immediately know what is impacted by a slowdown or failure
  • Use application metadata to easily segment them by cluster, technology, version, etc.
  • Create any number of custom counters to further segment your applications in a way aligned to the business: by owner, line of business, business priority, etc.
  • Create custom views to monitor dependancies and continuously deliver a high quality of service

Robust Performance Analytics for All Your Big Data Applications

Without a complete picture, it is hard to understand how data applications are performing let alone try to optimize them. DRIVEN provides the analytics you need to analyze performance and quickly identify opportunities for optimization.

  • Regardless if the application is a series of Hive queries, MapReduce jobs, Cascading or Spark applications, see the all details of your application run-time executions
  • Incredibly powerful search allows you to filter by anything to create and save custom views and monitor your key performance metrics
  • Select from a long list of metrics or create your own custom counters to monitor specific types of applications, operational policies, service levels, etc.
  • With 1-click, download performance data for further analysis using Excel, Tableau, Spotfire, etc.
Application Analytics and Intelligence
DRIVEN monitors application SLA's

Monitor Service Levels and Enforce Policies

Getting data delivered to the right team, at the right time with a high level of quality is key to achieving operational excellence. With DRIVEN, teams can monitor key performance metrics for SLA’s adherence and to enforce design and operational policies so every application runs optimally.

  • Create and set service levels for an application or set of applications along with tolerance thresholds
  • View daily, weekly, or monthly SLA reports showing which data processes met or missed their SLA or thresholds over selected time periods
  • Teams can monitor quality of service trends and surface key data points to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Visualize an applications business logic to enforce design policies for more resilient, better performing applications