Achieve Operational Excellence for Your Enterprise Hadoop Applications


Driven Product Overview Video


Introduction to DRIVEN, APM for Big Data

In 2-min, get a complete overview of the key capabilities of DRIVEN, APM for Big Data applications. See how you improve the quality and reliability of applications you develop and deliver a higher quality of service to the business for all your Big Data applications in production.



Performance Monitoring for Big Data Apps

DRIVEN enables enterprises to organize their multi-tenant Hadoop environment by: teams, application technology, cluster, etc.

  • A customizable dashboard provides the real-time status of all your data applications running across all your clusters, including completed successfully(green), running(blue), failed(red) and stopped(yellow).
  • Segment applications by teams, tech, cluster or any other custom metadata tag and quickly see what and who is consuming the most resources
  • Visualize the entire data pipeline for application debugging and tuning.
  • Search current and historic application metadata for almost anything.
  • Save searches to create custom dashboards that can be shared

Performance Monitoring for Big Data Apps


Accelerate Troubleshooting and Easily Collaborate Across Cross-Functional Teams

Detailed visualizations surface hundreds of data points to allow developers to see exactly how an application ingests, manipulates, and outputs data.

  • Monitor application performance with drill down into run-time details such as wait time, total duration, number of sources read, total bytes written, slice rate, etc.
  • In seconds, go from finding which data processes are consuming the most resources to diagnosing all failed applications in the last 5 hours.
  • See exactly how an application executed, step-by-step, for quick triage.
  • Analyze performance trends overtime and reoccurring performance anomalies to stay on top of service levels.

DRIVEN Sharing Views

Gain Control by Understanding the Business Context of Your Big Data Applications

DRIVEN couples application executions with business context so DevOps teams understand dependancies, owners, and priority.

  • Surface critical dependencies so you immediately know what other data processes are impacted by a slowdown or failure.
  • Categorize and track performance of business critical data processes.
  • Measure historical performance trends against service levels to ensure adherence.
  • From development through production, visualize the data processes logic and execution performance metrics to enforce design and operational policies.

DRIVEN Surfaces Tons of Application Metadata

Manage the Business of Big Data

DRIVEN provides the all key performance insights and reporting integrations you need to manage your Big Data investment.

  • Track data lineage and produce audit artifacts to mitigate enterprise risk
  • Monitor all applications accessing sensitive¬†data fields, data sets or table structures.
  • Measure and report on how different teams across the enterprise are adopting and utilizing your Big Data investment
  • Easily report on actual usage for chargebacks reporting so investment costs can be shared appropriately
  • Out of the box integrations with JIRA, PagerDuty, HipChat, Nagios or any system that supports webhooks or JMX

DRIVEN Integrates with Existing Systems