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4 Best Practices to Achieve Hadoop Operational Excellence Across Multiple Big Data Technologies
Most organizations use multiple technologies to run a single data processing application including Hive, Spark, Oozie, H2O, etc. The challenge is how do you manage and monitor these data applications to ensure service levels are met? We go through 4 things you need in order to deliver Hadoop operations excellence. 30-min webinar
Reducing Hospital Readmissions with Big Data Predictive Analytics
Presented by guest speaker Michael Covert, CEO of Analytics Inside and Big Data expert, examines how Healthcare Providers are finding ways to use Big Data for predictive analytics to reduce readmission rates and improve operational efficiency while complying with regulatory mandates. He goes into detail about building a deep learning architecture using Cascading and Driven. 60-min webinar
How to Automate Offloading ETL Processes to Hadoop
Offloading expensive Data Warehouse ETL processes to Hadoop is often one of the first Big Data efforts but you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of legacy ETL processes to migrate which makes achieving ROI a distant goal. What if you could automatically convert up to 70% of your existing ETL processes to run on Hadoop with no code changes? 60-min webinar
How to Get Hadoop App Intelligence with Driven
You built Cascading/Scalding apps to mine all that data you collected in Hadoop. But just when you were seeing results, something went wrong — the app broke, data flows stopped, and business came to a halt.
How to Build Better Big Data Applications with Driven
Developing big data applications can be a complex task with multiple data sources, complex joins, filtering and cleansing steps. This complexity often makes it hard for developers to understand if they have connected all the pieces together properly and testing starts to become more art than science.
5 Best Practices to Achieve Operational Excellence for Hadoop Apps
Imagine if you could stop stringing together Hadoop Jobtracker, log files, and half a dozen other tools to try to understand what is happening with your big data applications.
How To Get Better Visibility into Your Hive and MapReduce Application Performance
Apache Hive queries and MapReduce jobs often experience performance issues and bottlenecks because of the multi-tenant nature of Hadoop and a lack of visibility into performance.
Learn From HomeAway Best Practices for Managing Hadoop DevOps
HomeAway, Inc. (NASDAQ:AWAY) is the world's leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry. Operating through over 40 websites in 22 countries, HomeAway and its many subsidiaries, like VRBO, manage over 1M property listings.