Our Mission and Vision


Driving Innovation Through Big Data


Driven, Inc. is the industry leader in Big Data application development and performance management solutions. At the forefront of Big Data since 2008, Driven, Inc. was founded as a result of a simple observation: Hadoop is really hard. With a vision helping organizations succeed in innovating through Big Data, our mission is to deliver products that make it simpler for enterprises, of all sizes, to create, deploy, monitor and manage all their Big Data applications, at scale.


Across industries, our solutions are trusted to build, monitor and manage 10’s of 1000’s of business critical data processing applications


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Serving Customers Around the World



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Driven APM is the industry’s first application performance monitoring and management solution for Big Data applications. It provides the deep insights and performance monitoring, showing data professionals exactly how their data processing applications are behaving. Supporting Apache Hive, MapReduce, Cascading, Scalding and Apache Spark, Driven provides the visibility organizations need to manage the performance of all their enterprise big data applications.
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By allowing developers to reuse their existing Java, SQL or Scala skills, Cascading is the most widely deployed data application development framework with over 500,000 user downloads a month. Cascading uniquely decouples the application from the run-time engine allowing applications to be easily ported between compute fabrics, usually with just a simple configuration change. Cascading applications can run in MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Tez, and Apache Flink.


The Driven Team

Our team of experts uses their considerable experience across middleware, database, networking, and infrastructure disciplines to deliver high quality solutions that work right the first time. Our Leadership team are Big Data pioneers, having been involved in developing both Open Source and Enterprise Big Data solutions since the inception of Hadoop.


Engineering Team