Webinar | 5 Best Practices for Monitoring Hive and MapReduce Application Performance

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Get Better Visibility into Your Hive and MapReduce Application Performance


Apache Hive queries and MapReduce jobs often experience performance issues and bottlenecks because of the multi-tenant nature of Hadoop and a lack of visibility into performance.

This deep dive demo of Driven, performance management for Big Data applications, show you how you can get the visibility you need to meet business service levels.Bad things happen with poor visibility

In 30-min, you will learn how you can:

  • Understand who is consuming what resources
  • Get visibility into the performance of your queries and jobs
  • Segment your environment so teams can better manage their own applications and resource utilization
  • Understand the business context of the queries/jobs to align service levels to business priorities
  • Identify queries/jobs not using organization best practices or complying to operational policies
  • Driven is application performance management for MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Cascading, Scalding, Cascalog and Spark applications.

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