Upcoming Webinar | 4 Best Practices for Achieving Operational Excellence Across All Your Hadoop Applications

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The Big Data technology landscape seems to grow daily with new solutions to solve almost any problem.

Most organizations use, on average, five different technologies to run a single data processing application including Hive, Spark, Oozie, H2O, etc.

The challenge for Hadoop operations teams is how do you manage and monitor these data applications to ensure service levels are met?

In this 30-min webinar, we will go through 4 things you need in order to deliver Hadoop operations excellence. You will see how you can:

  • Monitor the performance of multi-technology data processing applications
  • Quickly troubleshoot application performance without “log-diving” or looking through lines of code
  • Understand how your business teams are using Hadoop to see who and what are consuming the most resources
  • Enable collaboration between dev, ops and other Hadoop team members to resolve issues faster

Don’t miss this informative webinar if you are responsible developing, managing or monitoring your organizations Hadoop or Spark implementations.


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