Concurrent, Inc. and data Artisans Partner to Bring State-of-the-Art Data Computation to the Cascading Ecosystem

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Communities Join Forces to Give Users the Power and Simplicity of Cascading on Apache Flink with More Choices of Compute Platforms to Better Address Business Needs

SAN FRANCISCO – SEPT. 22, 2015Concurrent, Inc., the leader in data application infrastructure, and data Artisans, developer of the next-generation large-scale data analysis technology, today announced a strategic partnership to bring support for Cascading on Apache Flink.

The data application technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve with new, state-of-the-art compute fabrics. Enterprises who have invested in Hadoop are seeking pragmatic solutions that provide the freedom to solve simple to complex problems, all while ensuring their investments are protected against change and technical uncertainty. As enterprise architects make decisions on which compute engine to run their big data technology stack, Apache Flink, a general-purpose engine for fast, reliable and expressive analysis of Hadoop data, is a robust option for new and existing Cascading users.

This partnership is a community-driven effort and represents yet another milestone for Cascading and Apache Flink, allowing risk-averse users to make investments in next-generation compute fabrics without rewriting their data processing applications. Tens of thousands of production Cascading users can seamlessly move from legacy compute engines to Apache Flink, and easily test and benefit from its speed, scale and resiliency. Users have unique portability across programming languages (Java, SQL, Scala), Hadoop distributions (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR) and now compute fabrics.

Apache Flink pioneered several unique designs in open source compute fabrics, such as memory management, program optimization and operating on binary data. At its core, Apache Flink is a data streaming engine, surfacing batch and streaming APIs, while putting just as much attention on batch analytics by treating batch as a special case of streaming. As an Apache Software Foundation project with a rapidly growing community and ecosystem of libraries and add-ons, including graph processing, machine learning and notebook functionality, Apache Flink is a viable, fast and reliable alternative to other computation engines.

Concurrent provides the proven, data application platform for reliably building and deploying data applications on Hadoop. With more than 500,000 downloads a month, Cascading is the enterprise data application platform of choice and has become the de-facto standard for building data-centric applications. Driven is the industry’s leading application performance management product for the data-centric enterprise, built to provide business and operational visibility and control to organizations that need to deliver operational excellence. Together, Cascading and Driven deliver a one-two punch to knock out the complexity and provide a proven reliable solution for enterprises to execute their big data strategies.

Supporting Quotes

“At data Artisans, we are extremely excited to contribute to the community effort of bringing Apache Flink to Cascading users, who will be able to continue building their data applications in the platform of their choice, while enjoying the speed and reliability that Flink provides. We also look forward to the further evolution of the Flink platform seamlessly benefiting Cascading users. Users will be able to work within their data applications, knowing their infrastructure will be able to evolve with them – simply and rapidly. ”

– Kostas Tzoumas, co-founder & CEO, data Artisans

“At Concurrent, one of our main goals is to provide customers with a wide range of options for compute engines, without making them feel locked in to one technology. We’re pleased by this community-driven effort to bring Cascading to Apache Flink, as it broadens the ecosystem and allows users the choice to deploy on the compute platform that best fits their needs. With the growing popularity surrounding Flink, we look forward to continuing to work with data Artisans and expanding our community efforts.”

– Chris Wensel, founder & CTO, Concurrent, Inc.

Supporting Resources

About data Artisans

data Artisans was founded by the original creators of the Apache Flink project and develops the next-generation large-scale data analysis technology under the umbrella of Apache Flink. Apache Flink is a new open source general-purpose engine for real-time, reliable and expressive analysis of Hadoop data and beyond.

About Concurrent, Inc.

Concurrent, Inc. is the leader in data application infrastructure, delivering products that help enterprises create, deploy, run and manage data applications at scale. The company’s flagship enterprise solution, Driven, was designed to accelerate the development and management of enterprise data applications. Concurrent is the team behind Cascading, the most widely deployed technology for data applications with more than 500,000 user downloads a month. Used by thousands of businesses including eBay, Etsy, The Climate Corp and Twitter, Cascading is the de facto standard in open source application infrastructure technology. Concurrent is headquartered in San Francisco and online at

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