Your Hadoop App Broke. Now What?

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Traditionally, a lot of time is spent collecting and preparing data, and then, eventually, you get around and build an app that makes use of the data. You create the right views and get the insights you need.

Life is awesome – all that data you collected has value, and the Hadoop project is a success.

But then something goes wrong: data stops flowing; processing times shoot up; cluster resources are maxed out, and in some extreme circumstance, the app breaks and comes to a halt.

Life is no longer awesome. It totally sucks.

So what do you do next?

  • As a developer, what tools do you have that can easily pinpoint code-level issues?
  • As a member of an operations team, how do you know which app is hogging all the resources and impacting the shared Hadoop infrastructure?
  • If you’re a compliance manger, how do you view the data lineage? What data was ingested? Where did it get outputted?

All these are burning questions that need an immediate answer. But how and with what do you answer them?

The answer is simple.

  • How: With a comprehensive Hadoop application management platform
  • With what: Driven

Driven is the only Hadoop application performance management platform that delivers unprecedented intelligence into what your Hadoop app is really doing, allowing organizations to build better apps that run reliably and use resources effectively.

With Driven:

  • Developers can pinpoint where an app broke, down to the specific line of code;
  • Operations teams can monitor processing times, implement chargeback models, or track SLAs;
  • Compliance teams can track data lineage to ensure that they are adhering to external regulatory requirements.

When something goes wrong with your Hadoop app, Driven is the solution you need to get back on track.

With that being said, I’m delighted to announce the latest version of Driven – Driven v1.2.

Driven 1.2 delivers the ability to:

Achieve better governance and compliance for Hadoop apps

  • Create and export saved views of the metadata repository to support governance/compliance requirements.
  • Visualize lineage – see exactly how your Hadoop app ingests, manipulates, and outputs data.
  • Easily detect apps that violate SLAs and policies.

Nurture a culture of operational excellence around Hadoop

  • Create Jira issues with views and data for quickly collaborating to resolve performance problems.
  • Integrate alerts with popular notification platforms like HipChat, PagerDuty, and Nagios.
  • Segment performance by team or department, or create custom tags for role-based views, chargeback models, and capacity planning.

If you’re building Hadoop apps without Driven, you’re flying blind.

Download the 30-day trial today, and see why so many organizations have increased the reliability and availability of their Hadoop apps in seconds. Click here to start a Free trial

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