2015 Predictions Reveal a More Pragmatic Approach to Big Data

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Predicted Trends include More Jobs, Failure, Money and Confusion, Driving a More Realistic Approach to Big Data and Worldwide Expansion for Hadoop

SAN FRANCISCO – Dec. 11, 2014Concurrent, Inc., the leader in data application infrastructure, today released 2015 predictions for big data and Apache Hadoop. While the past year brought expansion and education across the Hadoop ecosystem and increased investment in related initiatives, 2015 will be the year of pragmatism as global enterprises turn their focus on getting value from these investments.

“This year proved that every company is in the business of data, building the demand for cost-effective and scalable big data platforms,” said Gary Nakamura, CEO of Concurrent, Inc. “As the market continues to catch up to the hype, 2015 will be the year that Hadoop becomes a worldwide phenomenon. As part of this, expect to see more Hadoop-related acquisitions, IPOs and the rise of new jobs.”

Nakamura offered the following 2015 predictions:

  1. A more pragmatic approach to big data will prevail.

    The big data gold rush has been fast and frenzied, leading to more failures and half-baked projects than success. In 2015, enterprises will start to focus on specific problems and finding the right solution. More companies will realize that it is better to invest in proven technologies for specific problems, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to data initiatives.

  2. Good old-fashioned MapReduce will dominate production.

    Apache Spark and Apache Tez will be ubiquitous, but traditional MapReduce will dominate production deployments in 2015. Pragmatic enterprises in the business of data will focus on execution, reliability and mitigating risk on the path to success. Enterprises will gravitate toward what is proven and reliable to solve their big data challenges and not necessarily the most popular or state-of-the-art tech on the market.

  3. Next year will see the resurrection and rise of the enterprise Java developer.

    As developer tools have matured greatly in the past few years, Java is still firmly planted in enterprise IT shops. Most organizations have a deep enterprise developer bench, and in 2015, we will witness a rise in the importance of the enterprise Java developer. No more super heroes – as clarity in roles and the path to repeatable success becomes more and more evident. Enterprise java developers have the experience and understanding of what it takes to build robust, reliable and maintainable applications. This skillset will become critical for long-term success and sustainability of your enterprise data strategy.

  4. The big data “thang” will continue to remain convoluted.

    Sorry to report again this year that the ever-growing big data market will continue to confuse, rather than provide a clear-cut path or guidance on what it is exactly that enterprises should be doing. Those businesses that can separate the wheat from the chaff, and execute upon this valuable knowledge, will be the ones to succeed.

  5. 2015 will be a “show me the money” year when it comes to Hadoop.

    Hadoop has been rapidly adopted as “the way” to execute any go-forward data strategy. However, early adopters must now show return on investment, whether its migrating workloads from legacy systems or new data applications  Luckily, products and tools are evolving to keep pace with the trajectory of Hadoop.

  6. Elephants will fly – Hadoop will make a push to a worldwide phenomenon.

    Hundreds of thousands of data points reported from the Cascading ecosystem support the notion that Hadoop is rapidly spreading across Europe and Asia and soon in other parts of the world. Therefore, there will be a strong Hadoop adoption next year for enterprises ramping up their data strategy around Hadoop, creating new jobs, and further disrupting the data market worldwide.

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