MeetUp | Hadoop Meetup at Viadeo on Cascading/Tez with Concurrent Inc and Hortonworks – November 18, 2014

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014, 6:30 PM
Mardi 25 Novembre à 18h30

30 Rue de la Victoire
75009 Paris

Hadoop Meetup chez Viadeo sur Cascading/Tez avec Concurrent Inc et Hortonworks

• Talk #1: Introduction sur Tez par Olivier RENAULT de HortonWorks (session en francais).

Speaker : Olivier Renault is a Principal Solution Engineer at Hortonworks the company behind Hortonworks Data Platform. Olivier is an expert on how to deploy Hadoop at scale in a secure and performant manner.

Abstract: During this presentation, Olivier will introduce Apache Tez. What it does ? Why is it seen by many as the Map Reduce v2. How is it helping Hive / Pig / Cascading and other increase their performance.

• Talk #2: The Cascading (big) data application framework from Andre KELPE , ConcurrentInc (session en anglais).

Speaker: André Kelpe is a Senior Software Engineer at Concurrent the company behind Cascading, Lingual and Driven. André has spoken about Cascading and Lingual at various tech meetups, devoxx 2013 and the Technical University of Berlin. Prior to concurrent he worked in the world of digital maps and navigation.

Abstract: Cascading is widely deployed, production ready open source data application framework geared towards Java developers. Cascading enables developers to write complex data applications without the need to become a distributed systems expert. Cascading apps are portable between different computation frameworks, so that a given application can be moved from Hadoop onto new processing platforms like Apache Tez or Apache Spark without any rewriting of the application code.

• 21h00-… : Apéro networking

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