Concurrent Delivers Performance Management for Apache Hive and MapReduce Applications

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November 10, 2014
Richard Brueckner

Concurrent, Inc., a leader in data application infrastructure, has introduced a new version of Driven, a leading application performance management product for the data-centric enterprise. Driven is purpose-built to address the challenges of enterprise application development and deployment for business-critical data applications, delivering control and performance management for enterprises seeking to achieve operational excellence.

Driven offers enterprise users – developers, operations and line of business – unprecedented visibility into their data applications, providing deep insights, search, segmentation and visualizations for service-level agreement (SLA) management – all while collecting rich operational metadata in a scalable data repository. This allows users to isolate, control, report and manage a broad range of data applications, from the simplest to the most complex data processes. Driven is a proven performance management solution that enterprises can rely on to deliver against their data strategies.

The latest version of Driven introduces:

  • Deeper Visualization into Data Apps: Enhanced support allows users to debug, manage, monitor and search applications more effectively and in real time. Users can also track and store complete history of each application’s performance and operational metadata.
  • Powerful Search: Fast and rich search capabilities enable users take the guess work out of managing Hadoop applications. Driven provides greater control over managing user data processing. It quickly identifies problematic applications and the associated owners, and finds and compares specific applications with previous iterations to ensure that all applications are meeting SLAs.
  • Operational Insights for SLA Management: Users can now visualize all applications over customizable timelines to manage trending application utilization. Driven quickly segments applications by name, user-defined metadata, teams and organizations for deeper insights.
  • Segmentation for Greater Manageability: New segmentation support provides greater insights across all applications. Users have the ability to segment applications by tags, names, teams or organization, and easily track for general Hadoop utilization, SLA management or internal/external chargeback.
  • Metadata Repository: A scalable, searchable, fine-grained metadata repository easily captures end-to-end visibility of data applications, as well as related data sources, fields and more. By retaining a complete history of applications’ operational telemetry, enterprises can leverage Driven for operational excellence from development to production to compliance-related requirements.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Users can leverage the vast capabilities of Driven and deliver runtime metrics and notifications to existing enterprise monitoring systems.
  • Additional Framework Support: In addition to Cascading, Scalding and Cascalog applications, Driven now supports Apache Hive and native MapReduce processes, allowing enterprises to leverage Driven’s capabilities across a wide variety of application frameworks.

Pricing and Availability
Driven is available as a free service on and licensable for production use as an annual subscription. Also, Driven will soon be available as an enterprise deployment.

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