Bossie Awards 2014: The best open source big data tools

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Steve Nunez, InfoWorld
Sep 29, 2014

InfoWorld’s top picks in distributed data processing, data analytics, machine learning, NoSQL databases, and the Hadoop ecosystem

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The learning curve for writing Hadoop applications can be steep. Cascading is an SDK that brings a functional programming paradigm to Hadoop data workflows. With the 3.0 release, Cascading provides an easier way for application developers to take advantage of next-generation Hadoop features like YARN and Tez.

The SDK provides a rich set of commonly used ETL patterns that abstract away much of the complexity of Hadoop, increasing the robustness of applications and making it simpler for Java developers to utilize their skills in a Hadoop environment. Connectors for common third-party applications are available, enabling Cascading applications to tap into databases, ERP, and other enterprise data sources.

— Steven Nunez

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