Webinar | Real-time Analytics and Anomaly Detection using Elasticsearch and Apache Hadoop – Aug 20, 2014

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Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Time: 9am Pacific
Register at: http://www.elasticsearch.org/webinars/elasticsearch-and-apache-hadoop

Finding relevant information fast has always been a challenge, even more so in today’s growing “oceans” of data. Over the past few years, leading businesses have deployed Apache Hadoop extensively to store and process this ocean. Today’s challenge is to maximize analytical insights and return on investment from this existing Hadoop infrastructure.

Enter Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop, affectionately known as es-hadoop. es-hadoop enables data-hungry businesses to enhance their Hadoop workflows with a full-blown search and analytics engine. Best of all, es-hadoop allows businesses to gain insights from their data in real-time.

In this webinar, Costin Leau, lead developer for es-hadoop, will discuss:

  • An overview of how Elasticsearch plays in the overall Hadoop ecosystem
  • What is es-hadoop? A full feature overview and the benefits of using it
  • How es-hadoop augments existing Hadoop deployments, regardless of flavor of Hadoop distro
  • How Elasticsearch and es-hadop help businesses extract insights and analytics from their Hadoop deployments, all in real-time

After an overview of es-hadoop’s functionality, Costin will treat us to a use case deep dive. He’ll demo using es-hadoop coupled with Elasticsearch as a platform to perform search and analytics, such as anomaly detection. During his demo, Costin will be show you how to do the same analytics on your own Hadoop infrastructure. He’ll conclude with some tips for success for initial deployment of es-hadoop and Elasticsearch.

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