Cloudera Launches Data Scientist Certification

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Mar 28, 2014
John Rath

Concurrent’s application platform for big data is certified with the Intel Data Platform, Datameer 4.0 introduces “flip side” view for big data analytics workflow, and Cloudera addresses the industry need for big data skills with a certification program and big data challenge for data scientists.

Cloudera launches certified data scientist program. Cloudera announced the industry’s first hands-on data science certification, called Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS). Consisting of an essentials exam and data science challenge, the new program helps developers, analysts, statisticians, and engineers get experience with relevant big data tools and techniques and validate their abilities while helping prospective employers identify elite, highly skilled data scientists. The demand for data scientists is at an all-time high, and they possess a rare combination of engineering capabilities, statistical skills, and subject matter expertise that is difficult to find. Once candidates have passed the Data Science Essentials exam, they must then successfully complete a Cloudera Data Science Challenge, offered twice annually. Cloudera’s second Data Science Challenge opens on March 31 and is about detecting anomalies in Medicare claims.

Concurrent Cascading certified for Intel Big Data platform. Enterprise big data application platform company Concurrent announced the compatibility of its Cascading application platform for big data applications using Hadoop with the Intel Data Platform. As Hadoop applications leverage an enterprise’s most valuable asset – its data, a secure infrastructure is crucial. Enter the Intel Data Platform, which incorporates and builds on an open source software platform to provide distributed processing and data management for enterprise applications analyzing massive amounts of diverse data. This certification offers the right fit for businesses seeking to make the most of their Big Data by combining the productivity benefits of Cascading with the security, performance and manageability advantages of Intel Data Platform. “Today’s announcement demonstrates Concurrent’s continued mission of making enterprise data application development easy for the masses and enabling businesses to operationalize their data,” said Gary Nakamura, CEO at Concurrent. “Now our users can rely on the Intel Data Platform’s next-generation analytics and secure infrastructure combined with all the power and benefits of Cascading to drive business differentiation.”

Datameer introduces ‘Flip Side’ view for big data analytics. Big data analytics company Datameer introduced Datameer 4.0 and the first end-to-end big data analytics workflow that allows for visual insights at every step of analysis. With Datameer’s new “flip side” view to its spreadsheet interface, users can get instant visual feedback at any point in the big data analytics process. This allows them to check initial results and adjust appropriately as they go, further shortening the time to insight and freeing up time for teams to tackle bigger challenges. The new product consists of a visual profile of the data after every step of the process, including integration, enrichment, transformation and advanced analytics. “We are consistently pushing the envelope to make big data analysts as productive as possible, and studies show the fastest way to digest information is visually,” said Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. “With Datameer 4.0, analysts no longer need to wait until the final visualization to gain insights from their data. This new paradigm means companies will realize meaningful ROI on their big data analytics projects faster than ever before.”

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