Cascading 2.2 Now Available

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Introducing Cascading 2.2, the leading Java application framework for building and deploying reliable enterprise Big Data applications on Hadoop

Introducing Cascading 2.2

Cascading is a Java application framework that enables typical developers to quickly and easily develop rich Data Analytics and Data Management applications that can be deployed and managed across a variety of computing environments. Cascading works seamlessly with Apache Hadoop 1.0 and API compatible distributions.

Cascading 2.2 is now publicly available for download.

Cascading 2.2 includes a number of new features and updates:

What’s New in Cascading 2.2
– First class support for field level type information used by the planner
– Pluggable API for custom type coercion on custom types
– Support for blocks of Java “scripts” in addition to expressions
– AssemblyPlanner interface to allow for platform independent generative Flow planning
– Optional CombinedInputFormat support to improve handling with lots of small files
– Added FirstNBuffer and updated Unique to leverage it for faster performance
– MaxValue and MinValue Aggregators to allow for max/min on Comparable types, not just numbers

What’s Improved in Cascading 2.2
– Updated relevant operations to optionally honor SQL like semantics with regard to NULL values
– Updated SubAssembly to support setting local and step properties via the ConfigDef interface
– Updated FlowDef to accept classpath elements for dynamic inclusion of Hadoop jobs
– Updated GlobHfs to minimize resource and CPU usage

For more details on new features and resolved issues see:

Supporting Resources

Availability and Pricing

Cascading 2.2 is available now, and freely licensable under the Apache 2.0 License Agreement. Concurrent offers standard and premium support subscriptions for enterprise use, with pricing based on number of users. To learn more about Concurrent’s offerings please visit

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