MapR Puts Hadoop on Ubuntu, Source Code on GitHub

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MapR Puts Hadoop on Ubuntu, Source Code on GitHub
eWeek – Darryl K. Taft
April 1, 2013

MapR and Canonical announced a partnership to put the MapR Hadoop distribution on Ubuntu. The company also put its source code on GitHub.
MapR Technologies, a Hadoop and big data specialist, and Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu OS, have teamed up to deliver an integrated offering of the MapR M3 Edition for Apache Hadoop with Ubuntu.

Canonical and MapR said they also are working to develop a Juju Charm that can be used by OpenStack and other customers to easily deploy MapR into their environments. The Juju Charm can be used to deploy MapR M3 into both private and public clouds that have standardized on OpenStack. Juju is Canonical’s package management system for implementing cloud technologies. “Charms” are preconfigured deployment tools for specific products.  In addition, MapR announced that its source code is available on GitHub.

“With the launch of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and the introduction of Juju, Canonical further established its lead in delivering easy access to the latest open cloud technology, including OpenStack,” Kyle MacDonald, vice president of cloud computing at Canonical, said in a statement. “Our customers want optimized workloads to run in their cloud and now, with the addition of MapR M3 as an easily deployable and enterprise-grade Hadoop solution, we are providing Ubuntu customers with an effective way to implement big data into their operations.”

The free MapR M3 Edition includes HBase, Pig, Hive, Mahout, Cascading, Sqoop, Flume and other Hadoop-related components for unlimited production use. MapR M3 will be bundled with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 12.10 via the Ubuntu Partner Archive.

The MapR Hadoop distribution enables Linux applications and commands to access data directly in the cluster via the NFS interface that is available with all MapR Editions.  The MapR M5 and M7 Editions for Apache Hadoop, which provide enterprise-grade features for HBase and Hadoop such as mirroring, snapshots, NFS HA and data placement control, will also be certified for Ubuntu, MapR officials said.

“Ubuntu and MapR are a great combination for implementing an open-source Hadoop cluster in any enterprise,” said Tomer Shiran, director of product management at MapR, in a statement. “For OpenStack customers, this packaged offering of Ubuntu with MapR is a fast and simple means to enable Hadoop as a service in their environments.”

Canonical was the first company to distribute and support OpenStack, and Ubuntu has remained the reference operating system for the OpenStack project since the beginning. Ubuntu is the easiest and most trusted route to an OpenStack cloud, whether for private use or as a commercial public cloud offering.

The Ubuntu/MapR package will be available through the Ubuntu Partner Archive for 12.04 LTS and 12.10 releases of Ubuntu on starting April 25. The MapR Juju Charm will be available April 25 as part of the 13.04 Ubuntu release at

Meanwhile, MapR announced the availability of its source code on GitHub, making it easy to access and modify components in the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop. The MapR Distribution combines more than a dozen different packages for Hadoop. The source code for these packages, including MapR’s fixes and enhancements, is now publicly available on GitHub at In addition, MapR is releasing binaries, source code and documentation in a public Maven repository making it easier for developers to develop, build and deploy their Hadoop-based applications.

“MapR is committed to supporting the Hadoop ecosystem and to providing an open enterprise-grade Hadoop platform,” Shiran said. “By making this source code easily accessible on GitHub and providing open APIs such as NFS and ODBC, MapR is ensuring that end users have available an open and flexible, enterprise-grade platform for Hadoop.”

The following Hadoop-related projects are included in the MapR Distribution and are available on GitHub: Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Cascading, Apache HCatalog, Apache HBase, Apache Oozie, Apache Flume, Apache Sqoop, Apache Mahout and Apache Whirr. All MapR fixes and enhancements are available as open-source products, complete with version tagging.

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