Large Companies Depend on Cascading to Run Their Business

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Large Companies Depend on Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Cascading to Run Their Business 

Airbnb, Etsy and The Climate Corporation Improve Business Productivity and Profitability Using Cascading with Amazon Elastic MapReduce

SAN FRANCISCO – August 15, 2012 – Concurrent, Inc., the enterprise Big Data application platform company, today announced that Airbnb, Etsy and The Climate Corporation are combining Cascading, an advanced Java application framework from Concurrent, with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), a managed Hadoop environment, to reduce the cost and complexity of building, deploying and managing advanced data processing applications on Apache Hadoop.

By simplifying development and data processing of their application workflows, these and other successful, service-oriented companies realize significant productivity and time-to-market benefits, while reducing infrastructures cost and complexity. As a result, Airbnb, Etsy and The Climate Corporation are able to focus on improving customer experience and value for their businesses.

Cascading is an advanced Java application framework that enables developers to quickly and easily build robust data processing and data management applications on Apache Hadoop that can be deployed on clusters running in the cloud or within private data centers. Amazon EMR is a cloud service that enables businesses, researchers, data analysts and developers to easily and cost effectively process vast amounts of data. Airbnb, Etsy and The Climate Corporation are using Cascading on Amazon EMR to power the critical applications that run their business today.

Together, Cascading and Amazon EMR deliver benefits including:

  • Simplified application development and deployment on Apache Hadoop
  • Greater control for data scientists to program in their favorite languages
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be provisioned on-demand
  • Significant cost and time savings when processing data-intensive applications

Supporting Quotes

“Cascading is a proven Big Data application framework that has been battle tested in rigorous production environments for many years. Developers rely on Cascading and the growing ecosystem of community sponsored projects to build complex data intensive applications that drive their business. Working with Cascading and Amazon EMR, customers can be instantly productive and can easily scale their application infrastructure to meet the growing needs of their businesses.”
– Chris Wensel, CEO and Founder, Concurrent, Inc.

“Our business, as a trusted community marketplace showcasing unique accommodations around the world, has been rapidly growing since 2008. Things happen fast around here, and we need technology that can keep up with such a dynamic business. Using Cascading on Amazon EMR, new applications are easier to test, and developer confidence in those applications is stronger. Data from these applications is used by analysts to determine factors driving room bookings as well as user drop-off, thus helping us improve customer experience and add business value.”
-Florian Leibert, Software Engineer and Developer at Airbnb

“Etsy is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces with over 40 million unique visitors per month generating over 1.4 billion page views and large volumes of data. Using Cascading and Amazon EMR, the pipeline with which we process this data has scaled smoothly. Cascading powers all A/B analysis, a variety of analytics and dashboards, behavioral inputs to our search index, as well as many data-driven applications on our web site.”
-Matt Walker, Staff Software Engineer at Etsy

“The Climate Corporation builds massive, hyper-local weather and crop yield models, which are used to protect farmers from the financial impact of bad weather. We need to do this frequently and quickly. Cascading and Amazon EMR, via the Cascalog framework, enable our team of data scientists to focus on their strength — building these models — while hugely reducing the operational overhead traditionally associated with large-scale distributed computing. We process more than twenty (and growing) independent scientific datasets, resulting in terabytes of model data. It’s hard to imagine being anywhere near this productive without Cascading and EMR.”
-Siraj Khaliq, CTO at The Climate Corporation 

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About Concurrent, Inc.

Concurrent, Inc. is the enterprise Big Data application platform company. Founded in 2008 by Chris Wensel, the author of the popular open source Cascading API, Concurrent simplifies Big Data application development, deployment and management on Apache Hadoop. Concurrent is based in San Francisco and funded by Rembrandt Venture Partners and True Ventures. Visit Concurrent online at

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