Concurrent, Inc. Partners with MapR

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Concurrent, Inc. Partners With MapR to Expand Usage of Hadoop in the Enterprise

MapR now fully certified with Concurrent’s Cascading and will include Concurrent open source tool in Hadoop distribution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 29, 2011 – Concurrent, Inc., today announced its partnership with MapR Technologies, Inc., to expand usage of Hadoop in the Enterprise. By combining MapR’s innovations to make Hadoop more reliable, affordable, manageable and easier to use with Concurrent’s Cascading that allows applications to work with Hadoop through a straightforward Java API, the two companies are bringing large-scale data analysis to the Enterprise.

Apache Hadoop open source has been adopted quickly in “new economy” companies, but the requirement to write and manage complex MapReduce jobs and inability to integrate the analytics with Enterprise applications have slowed broader adoption.

“I believe Enterprises have the most to gain from using Hadoop, but the Apache version hasn’t fully delivered on that promise,” noted Chris Wensel, CEO and Founder of Concurrent, Inc. “MapR is the first to make great strides towards this goal, and we believe using the Cascading API with a MapR foundation delivers on the full promise of Hadoop in the Enterprise.”

Under this partnership, the MapR distribution for Apache Hadoop has been certified compatible with Cascading and supported for production use by Concurrent’s customers. Also, the MapR distribution will include the open-source application Multitool, based on Cascading, which allows users to search, find and process data files from the command line across a Hadoop cluster similar to sed and grep in Unix without the need to write code for common tasks.

“MapR is committed to expanding the Hadoop ecosystem to further facilitate a growing, innovative and viral Hadoop community,” said John Schroeder, CEO and Co-Founder, MapR Technologies. “We’ve now fully certified the MapR distribution with Cascading, a tool that has helped drive industry momentum and is widely leveraged by organizations whose business depends on data analysis.”

Cascading has been widely adopted, with users including Twitter, StumbleUpon, Ion Flux and Etsy. Cascading allows companies to develop new capabilities quickly and get to market faster.

Read more about Cascading here.

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Concurrent, Inc. provides Enterprise class software that brings the power of parallel computing clusters to production data processing. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information about Concurrent, Inc., please visit

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