Commercial Support

Concurrent offers technical support for developers and organizations building serious solutions based on Cascading.

Please contact for pricing information.

See the chart below to compare our offerings:

Annual Subscription Options for Cascading

Community Premium Enterprise # Named Users n/a 5 5 License Agreement Apache License
Agreement 2.0
Apache License
Agreement 2.0
Commercial Licensew/Indemnification Hours n/a 10 x 5 24 x 7 Hours of Operation n/a 8 am – 6 pm PT Mon-Fri – – Support Channel Forums only Forums, Email, Web Forums, Email, Web Number of Cases n/a Unlimited Unlimited P1 Response Time n/a 2 Hours 2 Hours P2 Response Time n/a 8 Hours 4 Hours Hot Fixes ♦ ♦ Training Class Discount 15% 15%
Learn more about Concurrent’s Training Courses to get you started with Cascading.