Managing a multi-tenant Hadoop shared service means your small team is juggling the needs of multiple groups running scheduled and ad-hoc jobs using multiple application technologies on multiple versions/distributions of Hadoop or Spark running on-premise and in the Cloud. Driven centralizes visibility across clusters and technology so teams can provide operational excellence in multi-tenant architectures. See how.30-min webinar

This video provides a quick introduction to Driven, APM for Big Data. See how Driven can help you manage and monitor the performance of all your Hadoop and Spark applications. 90-sec Video

Presented by guest speaker Michael Covert, CEO of Analytics Inside and Big Data expert, examines how Healthcare Providers are finding ways to use Big Data for predictive analytics to reduce readmission rates and improve operational efficiency while complying with regulatory mandates. He goes into detail about building a deep learning architecture using Cascading and Driven. 60-min webinar

Anatomy of a Decision

We partnered with Blue Hill Research who held in-depth qualitative interviews with three leading organizations with advanced Big Data initiatives. The focus of the interviews was improving development efficiency and managing application performance in production environments.

We offer these findings so that business decision-makers can understand the challenges and opportunities of peer organizations in pursuit of optimizing their own Big Data environment.

Solution Brief

With success comes new challenges managing your growing number of Hive applications. You’re not alone if you are struggling to maintain a high quality of service to the business. We’ve interviewed hundreds of leading enterprises to understand how they use Driven to gain control and reliably meet service levels.

Offloading expensive Data Warehouse ETL processes to Hadoop is often one of the first Big Data efforts but you have hundreds, maybe thousands, of legacy ETL processes to migrate which makes achieving ROI a distant goal. What if you could automatically convert up to 70% of your existing ETL processes to run on Hadoop with no code changes? 60-min webinar

HomeAway is the world’s leading online marketplace for the vacation rental industry. One of their first Hadoop projects was to improve rental booking conversion by analyzing results “a/b tests” from their various websites. They started developing MapReduce applications and quickly discovered they needed a better way.