Big Data Partnership helps organisations across all industries become more data driven through data science and the adoption of new generation big data technologies, rapidly and at low risk. We help you discover why and how to become data driven; we work with you to develop and prove the value of this approach; we deliver cost-effective solutions which exploit faster and more scalable technology. We reduce risk by Training your staff in the necessary new skills and by providing Support.

GetInData was founded by ex-Spotify engineers with multi-year experience in Big Data technologies. We build scalable data infrastructures, implement distributed data-processing applications, train your team and share our knowledge in the Big Data community.

Bitwise delivers technology solutions that leverage data to enable business insights. By deploying our breakthrough technology innovations we help our global clients maximize their competitive advantage. We are the industry’s most experienced and dedicated team of data professionals, optimizing value for our clients through our global delivery model and with our proprietary technology tools that reduce the time, complexity and cost of data initiatives. Together, our people and technology provide the insights clients need to continue to lead in their fields.

Established in 2011, Big Data AB is a Stockholm based consultancy with a focus on Hadoop technologies.  Working with a number of fast-growing online companies within gaming, advertising and payment, Big Data AB has a proven track-record of putting Hadoop solutions into production.

Analytics Inside is a Westerville, Ohio based company founded in 2005 that specializes in advanced analytical solutions, services, and training. Analytics Inside produces the RelMiner family of relationship mining systems. These systems are based upon Machine Learning, Big Data, graph theory, data visualization, and Natural Language Processing.

Typesafe is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Typesafe Reactive Platform, comprised of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, developers can deliver highly responsive user experiences backed by a resilient and event-driven application stack that scales on multicore and cloud computing architectures.

WidasConcepts is an innovative IT Solution provider that helps customers to do business better leveraging industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise and commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Orzota is a big data services company that provides a complete range of consulting services to help businesses accelerate their big data deployments.

Established in 1993, EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) is recognized as a leader in software product development by independent research agencies. Headquartered in the United States, EPAM serves clients worldwide utilizing its award-winning global delivery platform and its locations in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. EPAM was ranked #6 in 2013 America’s 25 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies and #3 in 2014 America’s Best Small Companies lists by Forbes Magazine.

Scale Unlimited creates reliable end-to-end solutions that scale to any size, and can train your team to do the same.