Choosing Driven for Smarter Big Data Application Performance Management

Anatomy of a Decision

"We found that when something ran on a small cluster it worked fine, but when we moved it to the full scale, things would run way too slowly. The stock Hadoop interface doesn’t give visibility to quickly solve the issues.  Driven let us see the bottlenecks and see where the problems actually were. Now instead of complaining about why things are a certain way, we have the data to know why and to go and fix it."

- Technical Team Manager,

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Why Leading Enterprises Select Driven APM

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We partnered with Blue Hill Research who held in-depth qualitative interviews with three organizations who use Driven. We offer these findings so that business decision-makers can understand the challenges and opportunities of peer organizations in pursuit of optimizing their own Big Data environment.

As businesses mature in their Big Data initiatives, they must transition from merely collecting and processing data to building production enterprise applications. However, while existing toolsets may provide visibility at the cluster level, they are inadequate at providing the visibility necessary to build proactive and efficient application performance management processes.

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