Introduction to Driven

Course Summary


Driven is an application performance management solution for your big data applications.  It enables developers and operators to build, monitor, optimize and track the performance of their data pipelines.  Cascading, MapReduce and Hive developers can use Driven during the development process to map their entire application, identify sub optimal code and to visualize performance tests in different compute fabrics.  Operators can use Driven to monitoring pipelines in real-time and set service levels for critical applications to easily determine risk.  They can then make informed decision about what pipelines take priority or when to schedule jobs so critical pipeline always complete on-time.

This class will give developers the basics they need to use Driven to build high quality, perfectly tuned applications.  It will given operators the basics of using Driven to manage their big data application infrastructure and identify applications that need tuning.  Finally, we will show you how to using Driven to make regulatory compliance and audit reporting a simple matter of running a report.

The course has numerous examples and exercises.  Hands on exercises represent about 50% of the course.


.5 day

Intended Audience

The primary audience is developers and operators who have a working knowledge of big data concepts.


  • Familiarity with key Big Data concepts: MapReduce and Hadoop, but no hands-on experience required
  • Before class, students are expected to have:
    1. Downloaded the Driven trial
  • Bring your own laptop with the minimum specifications:
    1. 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM preferred
    2. 5 GB Disk Space

Topics Covered

Driven Overview

  • Viewing your application DAG
  • Driven dashboard
  • Executing in local mode and on Hadoop

Developing with Driven

  • Developing applications using Driven
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance tuning
  • Testing performance in different compute fabrics

Optimizing Application Performance with Driven

  • Monitoring pipelines
  • Configuring service levels
  • Identifying poorly performing applications and collaborating with development
  • Tracking data linage
  • Creating audit trials and reporting


$495 USD