Driven Cloud APM for Hadoop as a Service and Big Data performance monitoring

Driven Cloud provides application performance monitoring for Hadoop as a service apps

Big Data teams of any size can monitor and manage their data processing applications within a single solution.

  • Monitor your Big Data application no matter where they are running, on a cloud service or on-premise
  • Speed up troubleshooting and debugging of applications in development and move them to production faster
  • Help your DevOps teams monitor business-critical production applications to ensure service levels are met

Driven Cloud is a hosted version of Driven Enterprise.

Be Up and Running in No Time With Driven Cloud


Release Date

Instant Access to New Features

Forget about planning upgrades or deploying patches. We take care of all of that for you. As new versions of Driven are released, we will automatically upgrade our Cloud service so you can take immediate advantage of all the cool new features we’ve added.


No Additional Cluster Costs

No need to spin up a dedicated cluster on premise or on your cloud service. We host Driven Server and take care of all the management of the service. All you have to do is configure and deploy the Driven Agent and see your applications light up in Driven Cloud.



Troubleshoot and Debug Your Application in Real-Time

To troubleshoot and optimize application performance, you need to be able to visualize the entire data pipeline in a single view. DRIVEN Cloud visualizes your entire data pipeline and drills down into the execution details.

  • Visualize your entire data pipelines/data flows as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) and see the details of each step such as source, function, join, HQL statement, RDD, etc.
  • Great for architecting, debugging and finding the root cause for slow downs or failures in your data apps
  • See the exact step your process failed and get the stack trace with a click of a button
big data performance monitoring - real time apps management - how to application performance monitor
DRIVEN showing step performance

Optimize Performance

Visualizing where your application is spending the most time is essential to quickly identifying and addressing potential performance bottlenecks or anomalies.

  • Visualize each unit of work and how long each step is taking and what resources it is consuming
  • Use performance metrics to observe skew and quickly determine if its your code, your data, your network, your hardware, or your cluster configuration causing the issue
  • Select from a long list of available metrics or create your own custom metrics to monitor performance in a way that makes sense to you

Real-Time Operational Visibility

Get complete visibility into the their run-time performance of you data processing application so you know exactly what is happening across your entire environment at all times.

  • Immediately see the real-time status of your applications, including succeeded, failed, running, and terminated applications, and resource consumption across all clusters
  • Rich performance metrics are collected for each data process, such as start time, duration, pending time, data written/read and custom-defined metrics
  • Easily analyze an individual processes performance metrics for variations and anomalies over time
spark performance monitoring - select metrics you want to see